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It is a phosphate-free multipurpose alkaline degreaser, formulated with water and emulsifying agents, dispersants and detergents, it can be used both industrially and for domestic use.

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It is a concentrated passivating deoxidizer for general use, which acts by contact, conditioning the metal while it exerts its deoxidizing action, removing rust, stains, carbon, etc. And leaving the surface smooth and clean.

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It is a lithium complex grease with resistance to extreme pressure for bearings at high temperatures and high revolutions. It is made from a complex lithium soap, specially designed for all types of bearings that operate at medium and high speeds. It contains additives that give it excellent extreme pressure and anti-wear properties.

Degreaser Dielectric

Specially formulated for the cold cleaning of motors and electrical equipment, based on chlorinated-free solvents and without toxicity or vapors during handling.


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Degreaser based on high quality aliphatic solvents, which make it an ideal product to effectively remove grease and dirt resulting from heavy work. It can be used directly or emulsified with water for easier removal of the surface to be cleaned.⁣

– Removes accumulations of grease, tar and asphalt with great ease.⁣
– Concentrated product of great power.⁣
– Emulsifiable with water.⁣
– It is not toxic or corrosive.⁣

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